Entry #1

My first Post on Newgrounds

2009-02-23 00:15:29 by BakaMichi

Hey all...lol as far as all so far might be(crap I'm rambling already uhhh....now I'm rambling in brackets)

I'm Angie Queen AKA BakaMichi, just here to make my mark on the world on NewGrounds, as I already have done on DeviantArt(Gosh I love it there)

I'm new to the site and haven't quite worked stuff out yet....the fact that I can only post 2 animations a day is annoying though |:C But I'll get over it.... it actually reminded me of how on Nintendogs you can only walk your dog once every three hours. My Nintendogs game is screwwy, I haven't played it for weeks but my Dog(Poptart) is still tired from it's last walk. Damn lazy thing

Onto more recent news, yeah and so on and so forth, go look at somebody's post that has something good written :P

Angie Out Yo~<3

My first Post on Newgrounds


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2009-02-23 00:54:49

Another Australian :3

BakaMichi responds:

Yeppers :D Hi!!


2009-02-24 10:21:03

Welcome to Newgrounds. It wont be long before you hate this place. :P