Entry #2

Animation project

2009-03-02 09:03:01 by BakaMichi

OMG! it's so cool! This morning I was woken up with a phone call from a lady, called Sarah, that used to work in one of Adelaide's major animating company's! She wants me to help her and some of adelaide's most sucessful animators to work on a film project due by early June.

This is so cool! The first team meeting is on Wednesday the 11th of March, in a cafe in town.
I can't wait!!!

Animation project


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2009-03-07 03:51:52

Bad Ass thats somthing to be happy about, have fun and congrats.:D

BakaMichi responds:

Thanks a lot! I am super excited about it :D


2009-03-14 13:54:53

Oh noes! Its the evil japanese "rich snooty girl" laugh of doom!

BakaMichi responds:

What? You crazy! XD Oh ho ho ho ho